Let’s ditch the stale, sedentary clinics. We’ll get you moving with a modern, hands on approach.

  • We don’t cut corners

    No 20 minute appointments, cramped clinical rooms, cookie cutter rehab programs, that just doesn’t fly with us.

  • Experience you can trust

    Our team are highly qualified experienced exercise professionals. We get the best results for our clients - hands down.

  • Best practice methods

    We spend a full hour working with you on manipulation, mobilisation, massage and acupuncture to facilitate movement.

  • In a stunning setting

    Our studio is light, spacious and well equipped to help you reach your health, fitness or injury goal.

Get moving

We’ll get you moving better, becoming stronger, fitter and more mobile while we're at it.


Gain the confidence to remain injury free through an accurate diagnosis and a detailed plan of attack.

  • We treat all walks of life

    From weekend warriors to pro-athletes, new mums to desk bound corporates, our therapeutic approach doesn’t change…

  • We simply do what works

    We use best-practice, proven techniques to help restore movement and function allowing you to achieve movement for life.

  • Not just physio

    Soft tissue release, manual therapy, dry needling, specific mobility, strengthening, personal training, if it works we do it.

  • Your body will thankyou

    We can help diagnose and treat your symptoms, avoid surgery, reduce your medication, manage your pain and more…

Get living

Turn a set back into a come-back and come see one of the team today.


So, what does it cost?

1hr Appointments Initial Follow-up
Physiotherapy $75 $70
Sports Massage $125 $125
Personal Training $125 $125

Physio rates apply to valid ACC claims only, otherwise sports massage rates apply. Allow for up to 10 minutes of paper work.

Learn more in our FAQ